Champagne on Main: Ventura Wine Walk

April breezes, Saturday smiles, and lots of bubbles fill the annual outing.

BUBBLES 'N BREEZES: An easygoing April afternoon seems custom-built for rhetorical, no-answer-required questions, the sort of queries that are more apt to prompt laughs, or further questions, than definitive closure. So here's one, and, again, there is no answer expected: Are there more sweet breezes during a perfect April Saturday or more bubbles in a flute of sparkling wine? The semi-accurate response here, we think, is that there's a lot of both, and that's a nice thing, and it is even nicer when that flute of bubbly beverage and that breeze-nice Saturday are smooshed together in one terrific, take-it-easy to-do. Champagne on Main qualifies on both of these fronts, as A) the outdoor wine walk occurs on the second Saturday of April 2017, just a pop over from the beach and B) there is a variety of sparkling wine to try, with all of those important liquid-based bubbles in attendance. If spending Saturday, April 8 not too far from the ocean, in a charmer of a downtown, with a cup of something fizzy in your hand, sounds like springtime distilled, then best...

GET YOUR TICKET: They're on sale now, for $50 to $70, and you'll receive a wristband that will give you the chance to sample a host of sips. It's an afternoon-time festival, so sunshine should be part of the bargain (if the clouds agree), and those lovely Ventura breezes, too. The street fair, by the by, is free to attend, and there's music, too, and several goings-on of the fest-y sort. A VIP Chocolate Lounge, too, is on the schedule, if you like a few bites with your bubbles and breezes. Champagne on Main is from the California Beer Festival people, another libation staple coming up on the warm-weather calendar. As for places to stay nearby? So important, so best start here.

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