Chinese Groups Slam Apple's Environmental Record

Apple may claim its green but don't tell some of its Chinese workers the company is trying to go solar.

A group of Chinese environmental groups is accusing the iPad-maker of refusing to address pollution and health concerns factories that make components for some of Apple's gadgets.

Critics have long attacked Apple for what they call a faulty commitment to being a green company.

While the company touts its environmental record, its practices have long come under fire. Apple has directly responded to some of those charges and even changed some of its habits.

But this week the Financial Times reported that 36 Chinese environmental ranked Apple last on a list of 29 multinational technology companies in terms of how they respond to questions about pollution and health hazards incidents at factories that the companies work with.

The ranking comes after a year long study, which included accusations that Apple failed to respond to workers being poisoned at a factory that produces touchscreen modules for the company's mobile devices.

The groups say when they asked Apple about incidents, such as the poisoning one, the company refused to confirm or deny the incidents.

Apple told the paper that it has a "rigorous auditing programme" to look into these matters.

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