Christina Applegate Still Grossed Out by the Image of Justin Long's Butt

Poor Justin Long. The actor seems to have scarred fellow actress Christina Applegate with merely the sight of his naked behind.

Applegate admitted during the press day of "Going the Distance" that an exposed Long buttocks in a key table scene left her shaken.

"It was the first day of work and that was the most challenging," Applegate said flatly at the film's press day.

The scene revolved around Applegate walking in on an exposed and surprised Long, who thinks he's fooling around alone with Drew Barrymore on a kitchen table. During the scene, director Nanette Burstein instructed Applegate to stare for a while at the sight before her. That wasn't going to happen.

"I simply couldn't, there was no option," said Applegate. "We almost got into an argument. I told Nanette what is actually truthfully happening is that I am not looking at it."

Applegate believes her uptight character would have been grossed out as well. So the look-away from the butt stayed in the film.

"I look at it and naturally I want to look away. Immediately," she said of Long's butt. "And I feel that's how I feel and how my character would feel."

To make it worse, Long's butt was very, very visible and very close. "He's very method and there was no cover-up," Applegate said.

Long was not disturbed by the discussion, choosing to believe that Applegate was actually awed by the site.

"It's like looking in the face of God," Long said of his posterior. "My most challenging moment was not being able to see her reaction."

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