Cody Horn a Gas as “Rescue Me's” Perfect Woman

Steve Pasquale might have a tumultuous love life as Sean Garrity in FX's "Rescue Me." But the road to love is going to hit some serious bumps -- even as he finds seemingly the most perfect woman in the world played by newcomer Cody Horn.

She is gorgeous fashion model with blonde hair and stunning green eyes. Her "Rescue Me" character Emily would seem to be a guy's dream -- except for the gas.

"She has an issue," Horn reveals to PopcornBiz. "It's post-coital flatulence."

Yes, we were shocked when she dropped this bomb on us at the press day for her latest movie, "Flipped."

Horn says that Emily's emergence initially seems to be the perfect situation for the relational battle-torn Garrity.

"She's normal," says Horn. "She works in a bridal store. She's lovely and nice."

"She's a breath of fresh air," she adds. "But she does have an affliction."

The fresh air sadly leaves the room after sex.

"Maybe they deal with it, maybe they don't," teases Horn when asked how Garrity handles the issue.

Clearly, there's some dealing. Horn admits it's a 10-episode arc. That's a lot of air clearing.

In real-life Horn is a serious star to watch. Besides being a Ralph Lauren model, her father is Warner Brothers honcho Alan Horn and her model is model/actress, Cindy Horn. She's also clearly in possession of a sense of humor.

Horn also rocks in "Flipped," a part she insists was given to her as she dropped a friend off to audition for a separate part. Judging from her stunning looks, you actually could see director Rob Reiner making such a decision. Meanwhile sixth season of "Rescue Me" returns to FX on June 29.

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