Craiggers Back To TV: New Kilborn Show Coming The Summer

Have you missed Craig Kilborn being on TV since he left “The Late Late Show” in 2004? Well, Craig Kilborn has. And now he’s poised to return to the small screen this summer, with his own syndicated talk show. FromTV Squad


Comedian and talk show host Craig Kilborn is to return to TV screens with a new daily talk show this summer. 'The Kilborn File' will debut June 28 for a six-week run on Fox television stations in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Austin and Detroit.

As has been widely reported, Kilborn will produce and host the half-hour show, which will feature his take on current affairs and pop culture. Guests will join him for recurring segments such as his signature 'Five Questions,' and take part in a 'Power Panel', which will discuss the day's big issues. Announcing the show, Greg Meidel, President, Twentieth Television, said that the new show will see Kilborn placing "his unique comedy stamp on the talk show format."

It sounds like this new format takes Kilborn out of his “Late Late Show” style and puts him back in a “Daily Show” type format, with a little of “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” tossed in for good measure.

This is good. I have a soft spot in my heart for the original incarnation of “The Daily Show,” when Craig Kilborn was the host. The show didn’t bother much with politics, and the stable of correspondents Kilborn kept (Stephen Colbert, Beth Littleford, Brian Unger) was probably the best the show ever had and ever will have. Obviously, Jon Stewart took the show and remade it into something a lot more popular. But I still see him sometimes as the second guy.

Kilborn’s an acquired taste to many. But if you like sarcastic white guy smarm (and do I ever), Kilborn was right up your alley. He was, to my mind, the best SportsCenter anchor ever. And now he’s going back to more of an anchor role, as opposed to a full out talk show host. This is where Kilborn does his best work, and while it may look like Craig has come crawling back to the small screen after an ill-fated try at acting, that doesn’t mean the show can’t be quality.

We’ll know soon enough.

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