Death of Woman Found in Freezer Ruled Accidental

Woman found by son as he went to retrieve a TV dinner

The Dallas County medical examiner has determined the death of a woman whose body was found in a freezer was an accident.

On Aug. 9, Shannon Herrin, 38, was found inside a chest-style deep storage freezer by her 20-year-old son when he went to a get a TV dinner.

At the time, police said there were no obvious signs of trauma and were investigating her death as a homicide. Through interviews and evidence gathered at the scene, they had all but ruled out foul play but needed the final report from the medical examiner to close the case and rule her death an accident.

The medical examiner's report released this week included toxicology and histology results which revealed Herrin had methamphetamine in her system and fresh puncture wounds on her arm(s). Tests also showed marijuana, hydrocodone, and a prescription anti-anxiety medication in Herrin's system.

The medical examiner’s report concluded from the investigation, “the decedent likely crawled into the freezer while under the effects of methamphetamine.”

Police said the medical examiner's findings corresponded to "some of the initial observations and evidence, specifically drug paraphernalia, found by investigators processing the scene."

“We are mindful of Shannon’s family and their grief from such a tragic loss. These toxicology results serve as yet another example of the terrible effects and harm meth can cause to people, their families, and a community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family, especially to her son," said Chief Dean Sullivan, with the Mineral Wells Police Department. "Hopefully, with the release of the ME’s report and those arrests made last week of a large, organized methamphetamine distribution network found operating here in this community, we have provided this family with some closure in explanation. It is terrible for anyone to die in such a manner.”

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