Disney's Goodnight Hotline to Be Put to Bed Soon

The "Disney Bedtime Hotline" will end Monday

A Disney hotline service that reads bedtime stories to children in the voices of beloved characters is coming to an end Monday, the company said.

The "Disney Bedtime Hotline" is concluding its two-week run on Sept. 30. The hotline gives kids in the United States the option of hearing a brief nighttime message from a Disney character. Characters include Mickey Mouse, Woody, Jasmine and Spider-Man.

The hotline was first offered last year but only featured five in-character recordings, including from Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy and Goofy.

In a recent press release, Disney cited a 2017 survey that said 77% of parents are "exhausted by the process of getting their children to bed."

Besides bringing back the temporary hotline, Disney also launched the "Disney Bedtime Adventure Box," a subscription-based program that features intermittent packages including books, pajamas, activity cards and other items. The program will continue after the hotline closes. Prices start at $27.99 per box for a one-year subscription of 12 boxes.

To call the toll-free hotline before it goes offline, call 1-877-7-MICKEY.

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