Egypt Should Serve as Notice to Calif. Politicians: Brown

Getty Images

A day after rubbing elbows with the people, Gov. Jerry Brown said the uprising in Egypt should serve as notice to California politicians.

The governor appeared on morning show "Good Day L.A." when news broke that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had stepped down.

Brown, who compared California's budget woes to the popular uprising in Egypt during his state of the state speech, said Mubarak's departure is an example of "the power of the people," according to SF Gate's Carla Marinucci.

"Any leader ought to be nervous, because when the people reach a certain level of discontent, that stuff happens," he said before saying, "we're in a very inter-connected world, and that's why I think we have to build a very self-reliant eocnomy.''

Brown went on to talk about his push to close California's $25.4 billion budget deficit. He said his plan calls for cutting the deficit in half and then extending taxes for the next five years.

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