Eureka Euphoric: Truckers Christmas Parade

Gigantic vehicles'll gussy up and go on the roll in Humboldt County.

A BIG RIG? It already has a knack for grabbing your attention, given its power, size, and multiple wheel situation. Add to all of that a dazzling dose of holiday-themed illumination and you've got a truck that will catch every eye in the vicinity. But given that those eyes should rightly be on the road, and not on the whimsically decorated 18-wheeler in the next lane, where can a fully decorated truck roll in a safe and splendid manner? There's one famous answer, 'round Humboldt County, and if you just called out...

EUREKA!, then you know the long-running Truckers Christmas Parade. The name tells the fun story: A bunch of big trucks hang wreaths on the grills, lights on the door, and reindeer on the top of the cabs, all to charm anyone watching from a sidewalk. Ah yes: Because this is a parade for the public, you don't need to attempt to catch a glimpse of the trucks from the driver's seat, as you're operating your own vehicle. You can sit on a curb, or stand somewhere off the road, and watch this offbeat procession truck on by.

SATURDAY, DEC. 8 is the 2018 date, 6 o'clock is the time, and "50 to 100 big rigs" may show up at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds to summon the sparkle of the season. Need more? Honk the loud horn and get on the CB: There are more details to be found right here.

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