Facebook Employees Love Mark Zuckerberg

Getty Images

A new survey says that Facebook employees love their boss Mark Zuckerberg.

As he led his company to a widely-touted initial public offering last year, his approval rating was 95 percent, according to Mashable. However, a year later (and Facebook's IPO being a roller coaster ride of disappointment and relief)  is approval rating is 99 percent.

Glassdoor, a job site, compiled the data and found that Zuckerberg hit 100 percent in three of the four quarters, but his popularity waned in the first three months of 2013 and dropped to 96 percent, thus making an average of 99 percent.

The IPO priced shares at $38 and while Facebook stock hasn't hit that price since, it has managed to rise from the depths of the teens to a more reasonable $26.25 (as of this writing.) It seems that until recently, the company was totally behind Zuckerberg. Only the numbers for April, May and June will show us if the decline of confidence continues.

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