Facebook Friends Music, Movies and More

Facebook's developer conference got underway in San Francisco Thursday with the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg introducing a host of new features.

F8 is Facebook's annual developer's conference that brings together developers, entrepreneurs and innovators who are working on building tools for the social network.

Thursday Zuckerberg kicked off the conference with a keynote address that showed off several new Facebook features aimed at giving users more incentive to stay logged onto Facebook longer.

The equation is simple: the longer you stay on Facebook, the more Facebook can make off you.

The young CEO announced partnerships with the likes of Spotify to stream music and share tunes with friends and Hulu to let users watch their favorite shows directly through Facebook.

Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings also appeared on stage to introduce a new partnership between his company and Facebook.

Facebook also introduced a new feature called "Timeline," which gives users the abilities to turn their profiles into life stories, while keeping control of their privacy settings.

A Facebook employee took some of the surprise out of one of the announcements by tweeting about its existence before it went live or was even announced.

"The 'Listen with your friend' feature in ticker is blowing my mind. Listen to what your friends are listening. LIVE," Facebook Creative Director Ji Lee tweeted.

NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman was live at the F8 developer's conference Thursday. He wrote a live blog and tweeting updates from the event.

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