Your FB Profile Says You’re Neurotic

Five Labs has created a Facebook tool that analyzes personalities based on a person's Facebook profile, according to reports.
The Big Five personality analysis  reads posts and analyzes language and measures agreeability, neuroticism, conscientiousness, extraversion and openness, according to the Muse. Although it's likely that employers will use the analysis to weed out candidates, it can be done by anyone who wants to see what Facebook seems to think  people are like.
By logging in, a user can see one's own profile and those of friends and public figures and see how one compares. Agreeability supposedly shows how "cooperative and trusting" a person is, while neuroticism means one usually has negative or "unpleasant" emotions. Being conscientious means you're dependable, extraversion means how outgoing you seem and openness is supposed to indicate "how intellectually curious you are," according to the report. Yes, intelligence really isn't about openness except in Facebook's world where privacy equals stupidity, being uncool or tragically isolated. 
While people may make judgments on personality profiles, it's also subjective. People portray themselves on Facebook perhaps in a different way than they present in real life. For now it's also only visible by friends, but it could easily be changed to let most people view personality profiles -- something that would be valuable to hiring managers or companies looking to weed out job candidates. With that in mind, try to post less incriminating posts or photos.
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