Girl Scout Cookies Now Have App

Bria and Shirell Girl Scout Cookie Program

It was earlier this year that Girls Scouts of the USA debuted its online ordering system, but now it's highlighting a mobile app at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The app supports credit card payments and enables individual girl scouts to market her own cookies sales and even creating her own website, according to the Wall Street Journal. A scout downloads the app to her phone or device and has customers digitally order with shipping occurring in about three to five business days. 

The app isn't for buying cookies exactly online, but from a scout who has the app. “It is all about the girls and building future business leaders,” Kelly Parisi, Girl Scouts of the USA chief communications executive, told the WSJ. “They are learning about e-marketing, managing money and additionally creating their first websites.” 

It's not clear if this app is different from the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder that launched last month, which is also available at the Apple App Store and at Google Play, but either way, you will be able to find and buy Girl Scout cookies.

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