Gogobot CEO Talks Facebook, Growth and Travel


Gogobot CEO Travis Katz sits down with NBC Bay Area to talk about his company and its integration with Facebook.

How and when did you and FB decide to integrate Gogobot and move things forward?

Travis Katz: Gogobot has been working closely with the team at Facebook for the last nine months, and have been launch partners for several of their recent feature launches.  For the relaunch of the profile, we began talking to them about a month and a half ago.  We saw the new launch as pretty revolutionary.  Gogobot is a place where people come to share their travels with their friends, and with the launch of the new profile, Gogobot users will be able to share their travels directly on their profile through rich visuals, maps and photos.

Can you give your 30,000-foot view of how the changes to FB Platform will change user behavior? User expectations?

Travis Katz: The new platform will make it easier for users to focus on what is most relevant to them and personalize their experience; it transforms your profile into a much more interesting reflection of their identity.

What new features will users see on their profiles in the coming weeks?

Travis Katz: When Facebook launches the new time line in a few weeks, it will be transformative.  People will be able to use Gogobot to show off their travels and their favorite places in a cool, visual way.  You will be able to add stylish maps showing where you have been, your travel expertise score, you recent trips and collections of your favorite places, all leveraging Gogobot's gorgeous travel photography.

Travel is about memory making. Do you think the other new features will also have an emotional connection with users?

Travis Katz: The story of our lives is told in the places that we have been.  Our travels are richly emotional experiences - moments that changed us, memories we will cherish.  In the same way today people capture these memories though photos we hang on the walls in our homes, Gogobot lets you capture and share these memories with the people we care most about.  With the new Facebook integration, Gogobot lets you share all your favorite memories and experiences directly on your profile, and your friends can use this information to discover new places and get inspired for their own trips.

If you could be vacationing anywhere, right this minute, where would it be?

Travis Katz: I would head to Bora Bora to do a little diving.

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