Google’s Schmidt Calls Ellison’s Allegations “Simply Untrue”

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Eric Schmidt, after ignoring Oracle chief Larry Ellison's comments about Google and its chief being "evil" last week and stealing from his company, finally took to Google+ to voice answer the comments.

The Google chairman decided to write a few paragraphs addressing Ellison's views. From Google+:

We typically try to avoid getting dragged into public battles with other companies. But I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Larry Ellison’s claims that Google “took [Oracle’s] stuff”.  It’s simply untrue -- and that’s not just my opinion, but the judgment of a U.S. District Court.  

Schmidt goes on to cite the 2012 patent and copyright infringement case where Google wasn't found to have violated Oracle's patents. Instead, Schmidt mentioned that Oracle's attempt to patent "using the 'structure, sequence and organization' of APIs, the language that allows different computer programs and systems to talk to each other" was overstepping by attempting to copyright an idea.

"This case goes to the heart of the current and much-needed debate about patent reform. Patents were designed to encourage invention, not stop the development of new ideas and technologies," Schmidt wrote.  
Schmidt finishes up by saying he knows all this because he was made to testify at the trial. 
It's all written very civilly and coolly, but it's obvious Schmidt wouldn't have written such a piece if he wasn't annoyed at all the notice that Ellison's comments were given. Schmidt, who also is the very public face of Google, could also be defending Google chief Larry Page, who may not want to join the the public sparring.
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