Google’s Brin Says Media Distorted Interview


In a personal post on Google+, Google co-founder stated that a recent interview distorted his views on Internet freedom, likely because it sounded as if Brin was slamming Apple and Facebook.

I have much admiration for two of the companies we discussed -- Apple and Facebook. I have always admired Apple’s products. In fact, I am writing this post on an iMac and using an Apple keyboard I have cherished for the past seven years. Likewise, Facebook has helped to connect hundreds of millions of people, has been a key tool for political expression and has been instrumental to the Arab Spring.

Instead, Brin said that the "primary threat" to Internet freedom is government censorship of political dissent. "Other countries such as the US have come close to adopting very similar techniques in order to combat piracy and other vices," he wrote. "I believe these efforts have been misguided and dangerous."

Brin states that the interview was a long one and that the interview was condensed. We at Press:Here are journalists, so we know that what the interviewee thinks is important and what readers think is important may be different. That's why public relations companies exist and why journalism is considered a separate entity -- so he's not going to get much sympathy here. However, Brin also is a celebrity with a decent-sized platform, so he can tweak his public comments at any time. 

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