Happy Place: Effervescent Interactive Experience

The downtown pop-up, which will include 13 smile-making rooms, will be open from Nov. 20 through Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018.

Where does happiness live?

That question is not the start of a poem, nor the message inside a fortune cookie, nor the title of a children's picture book. But it is something people may be asking as they drive to the Happy Place, a limited-time pop-up headed for downtown.

So, yes, for a few weeks only, from Monday, Nov. 20 through Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, Wednesdays through Mondays, happiness will reside at 1242 Palmetto Street here in Los Angeles.

But there's no need to arrive with a baked good or basket for LA's newest resident; rather, the Happy Place seeks to be the giver, providing the sunshiny feelings and ebullient moments we so regularly seek.

Like the Museum of Ice Cream, and other enterable, walk-through, pose-for-a-pic experiences, the Happy Place will include multiple rooms — 13 in all — that are decorated and designed to delight, captivate, and bewitch. 

Depending upon, of course, if you're a person who is more apt to be delighted, captivated, or bewitched. If all three apply, lucky you. 

One Happy Place space found within the bliss-encouraging building will include "a giant birthday cake" with candles made for blowing out, while another room will boast a huge rainbow-adjacent pot filled with "...over 25,000 coins decorated with smiley faces."

Yes, you can jump inside the sizable pot, if that's your urge. Yes, you can snap photographs for your various social media outlets, as is now tradition with these contemporary, colorful, prop-packed, installation-laden, Instagram-ready pop-ups.

Because, honest now: You'll probably want a snapshot inside the Confetti Dome, which "...will give guests the chance to twirl around while surrounded by a half million pieces of confetti." 

Hello, holiday cards and/or headshots.

Pre-sale tickets for the Faculty Productions-produced pop-up will be available to American Express cardholders on Friday, Nov. 3, while tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, Nov. 6. A general ticket is $28.50, plus a small ticketing fee.

Joy, deep joy, is carried inside us, of course, as is our ability to find the fun in the everyday ups and downs. But a little visual merriment, and a few mirthful moments, and a limited-time to-do that invites us to be tickled pink for an hour or two? 

Those external elements, the ones that help us jumpstart a good mood, are always welcome in this world. 

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