Happy V-Day: Angry Birds Comes To Facebook


Rovio, the maker of international hit game Angry Birds, announced today that its furious fowl will be available on Facebook starting Feb. 14.

Angry Birds joined Facebook as a fan page early last year, promising users it would available on Facebook -- but never seemed to materialize until now. Not being on Facebook was odd, especially since the game was available on Google's social network, Google + last summer.

According to Penn-Olson, an Indonesian tech site, Rovio's bigwigs told the site that the Facebook games would be more social, with friends trying to compete with one another on leaderboards, new power-ups and, of course, monetization. From the piece:

Rovio will also introduce new power-ups (e.g. an earthquake; or special, bigger, or stronger birds) which you can buy (for US$0.99) or earn while playing the game. Peter said that Rovio won’t introduce a product unless it’s a great one, and claims that 40 percent of users are actually interested in buying the power-ups, in contrast to just 3 to 4 percent in most other games.

So the reason for the delay was to work on the game and integrate monetization to make more cheddar for both Rovio and Facebook.

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