HBO Scores Pablo Escobar Doc

HBO has scooped up "Sins of My Father," a documentary about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (the guy Vinnie Chase played in "Medellin") before its premiere at Sundance later this month.

The doc, set to air on HBO in the fall, tells the story of the man Forbes magazine listed as the seventh richest in the world in 1989 when he controlled 80% of the world's cocaine market. Told through his son, Sebastian Marroquin, who changed his name and fled Colombian after his father's death in 1993, portions of the film, directed by Argentian filmmaker Nicolas Entel, show Marroquin "reaching out to the families who had members killed by his dad and asking for forgiveness."

"This was done from the inside out," HBO's Sheila Nevins says. "It's really hard to get a father to talk about his son like this."

Sounds way better than a 90 second trailer featuring Adrian Grenier in a fat suit. If you're heading to Utah, you can check out an early unspooling when the film premieres on Jan, 22-29.

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