Here Comes 11/12/13: Best Book That Vegas Wedding

Psst. Want to get married at the Mob Museum?

SIN CITY AND NUMBERS: Now, best sit down for what we're about to say here, because it might come as a surprise. Found a comfy cushion? Good. Here's the thing: Las Vegas and numbers kind of have a relationship that goes back a few years. In fact, we'd even go out on a limb -- or the length of a neon sign -- and say that many visitors to the sparkliest night place on the planet arrive with a lucky number or two in mind. Meaning that they only ever choose Red 23 at the roulette wheel or they only pull a slot's arm when the clock lands on a 7 (so, 1:07, 1:17, 1:27...).

THE UPSHOT? Numbers, luck, and Las Vegas will be forever and ever linked as long as numbers, luck, and Las Vegas exist. Which makes unusual dates such big business for the city. Both luck-minded people wanting to win and love-minded people wanting to wed show in Sin City in droves or drove-like bunches. Remember all of those 7-7-07 Vegas weddings that took place a few years back? Yeah, they made national news, and with good reason: Lovebirds were lining up to make sure a lucky row of 7s graced their marriage license in metropolitan forever tied to luck.

WHICH MEANS... that 11/12/13, which is due this coming November, should also make for interesting times at the city courthouse. But here's an interesting Las Vegas option for those twosomes looking to hitch on Tuesday, Nov. 12: The Mob Museum, which is the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, is offering a wedding package for five couples for the easy-to-remember price of $1,112.13. The setting might seem to be, well, offbeat at first glance, but consider that the museum is housed in an historic federal courthouse from 1933, meaning it definitely has the old-school stately looking chops (for those who desire that over, say, getting married in a neon-lit chapel). The wedding will take place in a courtroom which, again, should give the adventurous nuptialists loads to talk about with their fascinated friends.

Oh, Vegas. Just when we're agog at your amazing over-the-top-ness you go a bit further. There's no city like you in the world, is there? Anyone who says otherwise has never gotten married in a drive-thru nor sipped a glow-in-the-dark martini outside a casino at 3 a.m.

And there's no wedding setting quite like the Mob Museum. If you aren't getting married, or don't need to be wed on 11/12/13 inside a former federal courthouse, you can visit the museum on another day of the year, sans veil and tuxedo. If you do want that wedding, book sooner than later. It is, after all, a numbers game, with spots open for just five couples. And everyone knows, in Sin City, that numbers rule.

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