Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes, Lands a Job

Frederick Callison has been using his piece of prime real estate outside a Sacramento, California, grocery store to actively seek work for the past two years. It finally paid off last month, with a little help from a man who brought attention to the effort, reports.

Michael Marteen noticed Callison while shopping at a Smart & Final store with his fiancee and two daughters on Feb. 24. Accustomed to seeing homeless people ask for food or money, Marteen found it refreshing to witness someone making an effort to find work despite difficult circumstances.

When Marteen found him, Callison was sitting on a sleeping bag with multiple resumes neatly laid out, along with a sign that read "need work and food." He also had his food handler's certificate, Social Security card and ID on hand to show that he was serious about finding work.

The 52-year-old former line cook's eagerness impressed Marteen. So he took to Facebook to see if anyone he knew had an opening in the kitchen. 

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