Hundreds Flood Grand Central Terminal as Apple Opens New Store

Normally, people wait in a queue for to orderly get into an Apple Store for an new iGadget. But the company's newest store isn't like a regular store — its located in Grand Central Terminal — a transportation hub built for commuters, not for rabid Apple fans. Just look at this picture and you get where I'm going.

Grand Central Terminal (GCT) is one of those places that feels crowded (this is in New York City dude), but isn't really crowded enough for you to not be able to quickly walk through in under five minutes.

That's why it's shocking that New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority even allowed Apple to build a store in its hub — the largest Apple Store in the world — mind you.

Since Sept. 11, the transit hub has been on heavy guard. On any regular day, you can easily find counter-terrorism officers tricked to the bees knees with guns that I don't even want to know the names of.

Protecting a station with hundreds of people flowing through every minute hasn't been too difficult in the last 10 years, but can you imagine how much trickier it's going to become with people flooding the station, waiting for the next iPhone or iPad launch next year?

From what I can tell, the crowd that showed up for Apple's GCT store occupied nearly half of the station. HALF. Commuters can only commute through half a station. Wow.

GCT is going to look exactly like what you see above and in the video below. And who knows what Apple or the people who run GCT are going to do about customers who want to wait in line overnight (maybe even for days!) to be first in line to get the next iGadget.

It sure isn't going to be quiet, that's for sure.

I know this is mostly a New York City-related issue, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves GCT (I often walk through it to admire the bustling spirit in the air). For commuters who go through GCT every day, it's going to be headache if every day looks as busy as opening day. And why wouldn't it? Having an Apple Store in the middle of a train hub is just asking for people to visit, ensuring there's always lots of foot traffic.

Via MacRumors

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