Ian “Gandalf” McKellen Announces Yet Another Start Date for “The Hobbit”

Sir Ian McKellen got everyone in a twist once before with the announcement that shooting on "The Hobbit" was imminent. Here we go again...

“The aim is to start filming in January,” McKellen told his alma mater's school paper, The Bolton News, a revelation that was unearthed by Coming Soon.

It was back in March that McKellen assured the world, "THE HOBBIT's two films start shooting in New Zealand in July," via his website. Whoops.

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Just last week it was learned that Marin Freeman was being courted by Peter Jackson to play the title role in the upcoming two-part saga. The only problem is that Freeman has already committed to starring as Dr. Watson in a second season of the BBC series "Sherlock," but it seems the two sides feel they can make out a schedule that would work for all parties.

Can we all just agree that Peter Jackson will end up directing both films, that Martin Freeman will star as Bilbo Baggins and the the first film will come out in 2013? And that we'll just ignore anything short of a press release or direct quote from Jackson in the meantime?

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