Secret Stash of Illegal Weapons, White Supremacist Paraphernelia Found in Palmdale

"I wasn't quite expecting what we discovered," Deputy James Moser said.

Three men have been arrested after authorities in Palmdale discovered a secret bunker hiding illegal guns, ammunition, and White Supremacist paraphernalia, according to the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

"It's not something that anybody we've ever worked with has seen in their careers in law enforcement," Deputy Julia Vezina said.

NBC4 got an exclusive look into the home that housed the secret bunker Wednesday, which is located on the 10000 block of East Avenue S-4, in the Littlerock area just outside of Palmdale.

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"When you open up the hatch, you look down and about 10 feet down, all concrete reinforced walls, soundproof with bars," Vezina said of the bunker, which was home to a 25 yard underground firing range.

Deputies began the investigation last month after four guns were stolen from a storage unit in Palmdale. The information gathered allowed them to issue a search warrant early Tuesday morning, which is what led them to the discovery.

"Some of the weapons were illegal just on their face because of what they were, like machine guns. And then other guns were confirmed stolen," Vezina said.

Investigators found six pistols, 11 rifles, a WWII machine gun, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, more than 100 magazines, and several items of White Supremacist paraphernalia.

"He had some Nazi flags and rebel flag, some other photos of himself wearing Nazi attire and giving the straight arm salute, stuff like that," Vezina said.

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Deputies arrested 54-year-old Todd Hunt, 33-year-old Royce Gresham, and 62-year-old Larry Finnell, all residents of Littlerock.

"Larry was a survivalist, he's concerned about the direction our government is going now," neighbor Dale Snide said of one of the suspects. "He was a good neighbor, never caused anyone any trouble out here as far as I know."

The three suspects are in custody at Palmdale Jail and are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday at the Antelope Valley Court House.

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