iOS 5’s Find My Friends Feature Wrecks Its First Marriage


One of the new apps that Apple released with the new iOS 5 software is Find My Friends, which lets you pinpoint the location of your friends who also use the service.

And it just claimed the life of its first marriage.

According to a poster on the MacRumors forums, a gentleman installed the app on his wife's phone when setting it up for her. Then when she was out one evening, claiming to be on 10th street in NYC, he was dubious. He thought she might be spending some time with a gentleman who lives uptown. He fired up the app and lo and behold, she was on 65th st. Intrigue!

Now he claims that he's going to use the info as evidence in their impending divorce. I'm not sure if it'll hold out as evidence, but it's certainly evidence for setting up your own damned phone.

MacRumors via Gizmodo

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