Joan Of Arcadia Is Coming To “House”

So we already know a few things about this upcoming “House” season. We know House and Cuddy are going to be, like, cuddling on the beach and stuff. We also know someone will have a seizure, and that anyone who throws out lupus as a diagnosis will be summarily laughed out of the room. We also know the fetching Olivia Wilde (who still hasn’t been allowed in the opening title sequence) will depart the show for a few episodes to shoot a movie. Now comes word that actress Amber Tamblyn will replace Wilde during her time away. From Nellie Andreeva over at Deadline:

Tamblyn is expected to, at least in part, fill the void left by House co-star Olivia Wilde who will be away from the show for a number of episodes this coming season while shooting Cowboys & Aliens. The seventh season of House premieres Monday, Sept. 20. Tamblyn, who got her break on the CBS drama Joan of Arcadia, will next be seen in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours opposite James Franco. She also starred on the underrated ABC dramedy The Unusuals and in the two Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies.

A Deadline commenter asked why the show wouldn’t just pump Jennifer Morrison’s role on the show back up in Wilde’s absence, which makes perfect sense on the surface of things, since Wilde was Morrison’s spiritual replacement. In fact, it’s downright odd that Morrison’s name is still featured in the title sequence of the show while Wilde isn’t.

All that said, plenty of “House” fans have tired of Wilde’s character, Thirteen. I know I have. In fact, I’m tired of both her AND Morrison’s character Cameron, and the show could desperately use a female protégé of House that isn’t harboring some secret disease or secretly in love with him. Tamblyn is a talented actress who received excellent notice for “Joan of Arcadia,” show that was short-lived but had plenty of fans during its run. I’d have no problem if, oh I dunno, Tamblyn were to replace Wilde permanently, not unlike a backup quarterback stealing the starter’s job when he’s injured. I’m not demanding it. I’m just saying… it would be okay with me. Very okay.

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