No Backroom Deals, Says Commissioner

One of the California Citizens Redistricting Commissioners is publically defending the transparency of the process against allegations there were backroom deals.

"I went to dinner, often times with various groups of commissioners and not once were there any dinner-table deals," said Jodie Filkins Webber. "I think any of the Republicans that are seeking to potentially challenge the maps would wonder, 'what deal did I get out of it as a Republican?'"

Commissioner Dr. Michael Ward has claimed commissioners met outside the public view with line-drawers, the consultants in charge of creating visualizations for the commission. Ward said these so-called "dinner-table deals" have damaged the credibility of the commission.

"That certainly never happened," Webber said. "Mr. Ward did not go to dinner with the commission, but a handful of times at most."

Of the 14 commissioners, Ward is the only one to allege backroom dealings.

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