John C. Reilly Keeps in Character, Even In Fight With Producer

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John C. Reilly did an admirable job staying in character during off moments shooting "The Extra Man" -- even keeping the voice going when cameras were not rolling during a disagreement with the film's producer.

The problem is his character Gershon speaks in an extremely odd high voice. It made for an unintentionally hilarious scene.

"At one point (John) was upset about something and he started to argue with our producer in that voice," co-director Shari Springer Berman recalled. "The producer did not know what to say to him. He was just staring at John."

Co-director Robert Pulcini said the scene was comical as Reilly "was yelling at (the producer) in this very high voice, saying, 'Great producing, man!' "

Reilly was very into both his character's tremendous beard, and his voice. In fact, the highly-respected actor excitedly showed it off for the co-directors at lunch before the filming started.

"He debuted the voice," said Pulcini. "It was like, 'Really?' He said he has a friend that talks like that when he gets overexcited about things. It all gets caught up in his voice."

"The book describes the voice as ethereal," Pulcini added. "But John took it to another level."

Kevin Kline said of the voice: "I just got used to it."

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