Kickstarter Project Promises to Turn Your IPad Into MacBook Air

For iPad fans, finding the perfect keyboard and case combination has become something of a hobby.

Now a new prototype product offers what could be described as the perfect solution for owning a Macbook-Air-meets-iPad device.

The Brydge is an iPad keyboard that seamlessly docks with your iPad and even mimicks the Apple aesthetic to give you what looks like an iPad laptop. When paired with iPad, the Bluetooth device is as thin as a MacBook Air, puts the iPad to sleep when it's closed, and its anodized aerospace-grade aluminum is a perfect match for that familiar sparkly grey Apple surface common to many Apple products.

The device is currently close to reaching its funding goal on Kickstarter, offering the device without stereo speakers for $150 and with speakers for $210. You can see The Brydge in action in the video below.

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