Kimpton Marks a Milestone

Kimpton Hotels

30 CANDLES: We're relieved we haven't heard "30 is the new 20" for a few years, or takes on that particular sentiment, because, really, once you're at an age, you've got to own it, right? Stop playing around, get down to business, and rock that number with all you've got. Looks like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, the San Francisco-based outfit, will be rocking 30, in several ways, come April 2011.

30 OVERNIGHTS: The chain will be giving away a whole big brimming boxful of goodies, including 30 one-night stays at a Kimpton. The contest will involve penning a haiku, or a poem, or something writerly and amusing, that is birthday-oriented. There will be other goodies, too, including 30% off at Kimpton Style. By the by, this'll get going on Friday, April 1, so what we're typing here is a sneak peek. If you want the full details, best watch Kimpton's Facebook page, where the Kimptonians will be making all sorts of birthdayish announcements starting in April. But if you want to get your poem-writing juices going now, that is a wise move.

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