Sold! Al Capone's Miami Beach House For $7,431,750

The house where the infamous gangster died of syphilis in 1947 was recently sold, reports the Huffington Post.

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The house where the infamous gangster Al Capone died of syphilis in 1947 was recently sold, reports the Huffington Post.
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Capone snatched up the home in 1928.
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Al Capone's former crib is located on Palm Island in Miami Beach. Once Capone bought the property he made some changes, including adding a front wall and a swimming pool.
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Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York. Here's an official mugshot of the infamous mobster.
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The famous spread was later owned by non-gangster Peter L. Corsell, a private investor and founder of GridPoint, an energy-tech company, reports The Wall Street Journal. Corsell paid $5.7 million for the spread and allowed the previous owner to shack up in the home after signing the contract in 2008.
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The house features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms with 100 feet of prime water frontage. It was originally commissioned in 1922 by Anheuser-Busch brewing heir Clarence Busch.
Capone spent 11 years in the then-new federal prison, Alcatraz, for tax evasion.
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After buying the Miami Beach crib, Capone also added a guest house and pool house for the sole purpose of providing a place for his guards to live.
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Another mugshot of the infamous gangster.
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Capone died in 1947 at the age of 48 in Florida.
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