Lost iPhone Prompts Suicide Attempt

Receiving an iPhone 4 can be a big deal, for sure. The elegant interface, the stunning display, the aspirational cache that the handheld provide -- all are reasons to buy, own and use. It can also, apparently, lead to a disproportionate response when it's lost.

MadeInChina.com tells a Hong Kong tale of woe for a woman who lost her iPhone -- a gift from her husband -- after only two days of ownership. She then tried to climb over a 14th-balcony railing.

The wife and mother, Mrs. Wong, stays at home, according to the site, to care for a child stricken with polio. The husband, Mr. Feng, is a bus driver, and the sole wage earner.

After losing the phone, she asked for another. Dutifully doing the math, Mr. Feng decided the family could not afford a replacement device.

Distraught, Mrs. Wong grabbed a chair, climbed to the 14th floor of their building and attempted to climb over the balcony railing.

Feng, who had followed his wife after calling the police, "immediately dragged her out of danger."

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