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Lynda Carter Says She May Play a Part in the Next Wonder Woman Movie

Carter plays President Olivia Marsdin on “Supergirl”

Great Hera!

Fans of the original Wonder Woman will be pleased to hear that former leading lady Lynda Carter could make an appearance in the Gal Gadot sequel.

Carter confirmed she could possibly have a role in the second installment of the new franchise. "If it works in organic way it’ll be great fun and it’ll be wonderful to do," Carter said in an interview with People Magazine.

While Carter originally discussed appearing in the first film starring Gadot, nothing came of it.

The actress, who plays President Olivia Marsdin on “Supergirl,” was not shy in discussing her reverence for Gadot and the film’s director, Patty Jenkins. “I was so taken with the both of them," she stated.

"She knows who this character is," she added, speaking about Jenkins. "It’s so much more than some comic book character, because we identify with it."

No official release date has been announced yet for Wonder Woman 2, but the Amazonian princess will make an appearance in the new Justice League movie, which will premiere this November.

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