Marion Cotillard & Joaquin Phoenix Join “Low Life,” Jeremy Renner In Talks

Writer-director James Gray is quickly assembling an A-list cast for his upcoming film, a horribly bleak tale about one woman's journey to America.

Marion Cotillard has signed on for Gray's "Low Life," in which she'll star as a young Polish woman who sets sail for Ellis Island with her sister, who gets sick during the trip, forcing Cotillard's character to trade sex for medicine. Upon their arrival in the New World, Cotillard is allowed in, but her papers identify her as a person of low moral fiber.

Joaquin Phoenix, who's worked with Gray on his previous three films ("The Yards," "We Own The Night" and "Two Lovers"), will play a guy who convinces Cotillard to start turning tricks. And Jeremy Renner is in talks to play Phoenix's cousin, a magician who romances Cotillard and offers her a fresh start. Sounds like fun.

In the meantime, Cotillard can currently seen in Woody Allen's great new film, "Midnight in Paris," and is at work on "Dark Knight Rises," Renner can be seen--very briefly--in "Thor" and will be in the new "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" on Dec. 16, and Phoenix is at work on Paul Thomas Anderson Scientology-inspired film, "The Master," or whatever it's called these days.

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