Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens to Gorgeously Glimmer

You say you love the Pacific, greenery, the holidays, Fort Bragg, and Mendo magic? Here's your ideal alfresco outing.

THE OCEAN? It has oodles of glimmer, and trying to argue the opposite stance will prove to be a fruitless journey. After all, sunlight gives the surface of water billions of wee "bulbs," in the forms of reflective droplets, and spying the Pacific in its twinkly glory can be among the most uplifting sights that this planet, or any other, offers. But there's a Pacific-close place that also goes a bit twinkly each year, and while it doesn't do so by working in concert with our nearest star, it does involve quite a bit of gorgeous plants and flowers. It's the annual Festival of Lights at the...

MENDOCINO COAST BOTANICAL GARDEN, a pretty eveningtime event that will mark its first decade in 2019. If you know this Fort Bragg-based garden, you know it is quite close to the ocean, and even if you can't spy the waves, the tangy air will tell you you're not far from the vast and deep expanse. Allow that proximity to inspire deep flighs of fancy as you walk among the "... twinkling pathways lined with inventive displays," the sorts of displays which might inspire your own seasonal decorating at home. Or it might simply be nice to see succulents and shrubs wearing an outfit of illuminated beauty.

THERE ARE OTHER HAPPENINGS... during the Nov. 23 through Dec. 16 event, which twinkles each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night during that time, so make time to visit the "... beautifully decorated tent complete with live music, local craft brews, and some of the best wine Mendocino County has to offer." Cocoa and baked goods will be about, too, if that's more your sweet scene. Tickets? Find them here, lovers of ocean-adjacent outdoor light shows that boast a strong and spectacular garden emphasis.

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