Microsoft Unveils New Anti-Google Gear

Microsoft Corporation

A few months ago Microsoft spent time and money badmouthing Google with its "Scroogled" campaign which alleged that the search giant compromised user privacy and that its own product, Bing, was much more wholesome and "honest."

Microsoft is resurrecting that campaign by emblazoning that Google antipathy on mugs and T-shirts, according to Mashable. If you buy a $7.99  "Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data Mug," you also get this nugget of information and Google hate (unfortunately it's sold out):

Put 15-ounces of your favorite beverage into this stoneware mug to let the world know that even though Google is trying to make money on almost every aspect of your digital life, you're still calm. And fully caffeinated. 

Others include a T-shirt with a spider with a Chrome logo with the message, "Step Into Our Web." The product description reads, "Google's the spider. You're the fly. You probably know what happens next."

Almost all the products include the Chrome logo because it's Google's popular Web browser and likely because it's a direct rival to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Microsoft's campaign is plainly self-serving, but its anti-Google mug selling out could mean that at least several people out there may agree with Microsoft's campaign. Or it's just a really cool mug.

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