“Mission: Impossible 5” Release Date Moved Up

Christmas is coming early for fans of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise!

Paramount and Skydance Productions have confirmed to E! News that the release date for "Mission: Impossible 5" has been moved up from Dec. 25. to July 31. Yes, that's five big months early!

While no specific reason was given for the change, history shows that the final weekend of July can produce lucrative sales for action-packed movies. Just look at Guardians of the Galaxy for an example.

Unfortunately, Paramount also announced that the animated film Monster Trucks will be pushed back from May of this year all the way to Christmas.

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So what can fans expect from Tom Cruise in his latest project? Based on photographers captured during filming, we can expect a whole lot of thrills and suspense.

Cruise accomplished one of his most impressive (and dangerous) stunts to date by flying 5,000 feet over the U.K. countryside while hanging from the tale of an Airbus A400 M aircraft.

He also almost got hit by a double decker bus while filming on the ground in London. Luckily, the bus driver's horn was working loud and clear leaving the father safe and sound. Phew.

And if you think Cruise is getting tired of doing his own stunts? Well, you better think again!

"Not yet, not yet," he confidently told E! News back in 2011 at the premiere of "Mission: Impossible--Ghost Protocol" that ranked in millions worldwide. "I'm sure there will be, but not yet."

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