Monty Python to Reunite For Sci-Fi Comedy “Absolutely Anything”

It's not a full-on return to the Flying Circus, but the surviving members of legendary comedy troupe Monty Python are set to reunite for a partially-CG-animated science fiction comedy.

John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, and Terry Gilliam will voice aliens in the upcoming film (co-written by Jones) called "Absolutely Anything." The story involves a group of extra-terrestrials who abduct an earthling and give him the power to do, well, absolutely anything. They then plan to sit back and watch the chaos for their own amusement.

Writer Gavin Scott ("The Borrowers") is apparently tapped to direct. No other casting or production information is available.

Although it would never be the same without the late Graham Chapman (who passed away in 1989 after a bout with throat cancer), maybe this will spark some kind of official reunion project for the Pythons? 

We should all be such lucky, lucky bastards...

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