El Paso Mom Died Shielding Baby, Dad Died Shielding Them Both

Jordan Anchondo was pronounced dead at the hospital. It wasn't until late Sunday afternoon that the family learned her husband, Andre Anchondo, had died, too.

With incredible strength, 25-year-old El Paso shooting victim Jordan Anchondo's aunt and uncle shared the worst news they could've imagined.

"My niece, Jordan, we lost her yesterday," Elizabeth Terry, Anchondo's aunt, said.

Anchondo and her husband, Andre, were inside the Walmart with their 2-month-old newborn baby, Paul. They were buying school supplies for the couple's 5-year-old daughter.

"She was an amazing personality, strong willed, the light of our family," Terry said about her niece. "A huge character, a huge, just big person inside and out."

When the gunman entered and opened fire inside the superstore, the young couple were struck. Paramedics told the family the mother shielded her baby boy from the bullets, breaking his fingers as she collapsed to the ground. 

"They identified her iPhone watch, the iWatch, and my brother was able to see tattoos on her body that she had that were pretty distinct," Jesse Jamrowski said about his niece. "Her baby was covered in blood, bruised up."

Jordan Anchondo was pronounced dead at the hospital. It wasn't until late Sunday afternoon that the family learned Andre Anchondo had died, too.

"[Andre] shielded her and she shielded the baby, and that's how he was able to survive," Jordan's father, Paul Jamrowski, said in an interview Monday on the "TODAY" show.

The family said Andre Anchondo was excited about being a dad again, this time to a baby boy. But now, three young children are left without their parents.

"And Jordan was the epitome of love," Terry said. "A selfless mother--not perfect--she was young. I started as a young mother, as well. But an amazing mother: loving; loyal; caring."

It's that love the family says has kept them strong, and a message they hope will ring across the country.

"Be there for each other, just be a better human," Terry said. "This is such a senseless crime, such a senseless act and she deserved better, her husband deserved better."

The family set up a GoFundMe to help with taking care of the three children. If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe, you may do so here. Please note that GoFundMe takes a percentage of money raised in the form of platform and other fees.

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