Mountain Lion Cub Burned in Thomas Fire Rescued in Santa Paula

If the cub had not been captured, it would’ve most likely starved and died, officials said

An orphaned mountain lion cub whose paws were burned during the massive Thomas fire was rescued by the Santa Paula Police Department.

A Santa Paula resident reported a mountain lion sighting in some brush off Main Street, between Dean and Steckel drives on Dec. 22.

The Santa Paula Police Department and California Fish and Wildlife set up a perimeter and after a 4.5 hour search, they were able to use a blow dart tranquilizer to capture the 40-to 60-pound animal.

Upon examination, they discovered that her paws were burned from the Thomas fire, which is now the largest fire in California's recorded history.

The female cub most likely would have starved and died if she was not captured, officials said. She was taken to Fish and Wildlife's facility to be treated and moved to a wildlife center.

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