Amber Alert

National Emergency Alert Proves Ripe for Comic Fodder

Electronic devices across the country wailed and buzzed Wednesday afternoon as the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted an emergency alert test for a new high-level "presidential" alert that would be used only in a nationwide emergency. 

This was the first test of the so-called presidential alert system, implemented in coordination with FEMA, which was sent to phones with mobile carriers that participate in the wireless emergency alert system that sends out information on hazardous weather or missing children.

FEMA officials said the presidential administration can only be used for national emergencies or if the public were in peril — not for any sort of personal or political message from the president.

Still, it proved to be irresistible comic fodder for anyone who wanted to sound off on anything, from feelings about President Donald Trump to Philadelphia 76er Ben Simmons not yet hitting a 3-point shot in his relatively young career.

Check out a sample of reactions below.

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