No Signs of Progress in Ala. Hostage Situation

The 5-year-old boy abducted from his school bus in Alabama Tuesday remained in his captor's underground bunker Thursday as hostage negotiations continued. A lawmaker told the "Today" show the boy appeared to be doing well and had received necessary medicine and a coloring book and crayons he had requested. But there were few signs of progress and a police chief from the nearby town of Pinckard told The Birmingham News that the boy's abductor has been known for staying in his bunker as long as eight days at a time. The suspect — whom a source identified to NBC News as Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, and described as a survivalist loner with "anti-American views" who "does not trust the government" — had stormed a school bus Tuesday and demanded the bus driver hand over young children. When the driver refused, the suspect fatally shot him and grabbed the 5-year-old. The bus driver, 66-year-old Charles Albert Poland Jr., was remembered Thursday as a hero who had tried to protect the children in his charge and as a "good Christian man," while a neighbor of Dykes described the suspect as "a ticking time bomb" who "terrified" her.

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