Charlie Sheen Says He Wants to Make a New “Major League” Movie

The Wild Thing is ready to make your heart sing, one more time.

Hollywood's reigning Wild Thing is ready to return to the pitcher's mound.

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen wants to bring maverick Cleveland Indians' hurler Ricky Vaughn back to the big screen as part of a new Major League movie, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Sheen, who is on hiatus from the CBS comedy after his latest round of rehab following a January party at his Beverly Hills home, recently screened the classic first film in the baseball series for a collection of current and former Major League Baseball players, including San Francisco Giants' World Series hero Brian Wilson, Kenny Lofton, Eddie Murray, Len Dykstra and Todd Zeile.

Fellow Hollywood actor Colin Farrell also stopped by the proceedings.

Sheen told TMZ that he would welcome a chance to make a movie entitled Major League 3, even though Major League: Back to the Minors is considered the third film in the franchise.

Sheen, in characteristically blunt fashion, deemed that film "an abortion" and does not think it should be counted with the other movies.

Production on Two and a Half Men is set to resume on February 28.

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