“In Living Color” Coming Back to Fox: Report

Keenen Ivory Wayans to return as host

Jim Carrey. Jennifer Lopez. Jamie Foxx.

Each performer arguably owes their career to breakout roles on the 1990s sketch comedy show “In Living Color.” Deadline reports "In Living Color" is set to get a reboot on Fox.

The brains behind the original, Keenen Ivory Wayans, has signed on as host and executive producer for two new half-hour specials, according to Deadline. The entertainment site reports “In Living Color” could be picked up as a regular series next season if all goes well.

No word on if other Wayans siblings – Damon, Shawn, Kim and Marlon – will have a role on the new series. Perhaps Jim Carrey will cameo as Fire Marshall Bill? 

Deadline also doesn’t say whether Keenen Ivory Wayans plans to resurrect the fly girls, an in-between-sketches dance troupe that once included Jennifer Lopez.

The original “In Living Color” series ended in 1994 after five seasons. Wayans went on to develop the “Scary Movie” franchise.

Hopefully he hasn’t lost his eye for undiscovered talent.

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