Kings of Leon Flee Stage After Pigeon Pelting

The Kings of Leon wanted to put on a show, but they crapped out after only three songs.

So much poop fell from overhead pigeons at the Verizon Amphitheatre that the band was forced to cut their Friday performane short, CNN reported.

"Jared was hit several times during the first two songs," concert promoter And Mendelsohn said, referring to the band's bassist.  "On the third song, when he was hit in the cheek and some of it landed near his mouth, they really couldn't deal any longer.  It's not only disgusting - it's a toxic health hazard."

In statement, the band insisted that they wanted to soldier on, even though they were warned by the two opening bands of what was going down on stage.

"We couldn't believe what The Postelles and The Stills looked like after their sets," said bassist Jared Followill, in St. Louis Today. "We didn't want to cancel the show, so we went for it. We tried to play. It was ridiculous."

Some in St. Louis who braved summer highs to see the band were not so sympathetic.  On the Kings of Leon website, many jilted fans let the band have it.

"More like queens of leon," penned one poster, "this isn't a rock band, its a boy band."

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