Selena Gomez's Facebook Hacker Gets a Year in Jail

The British man allegedly posted "Justin Bieber sucks" to the pop star's Facebook page

Britain's judiciary says that a 21-year-old sentenced last week for hacking into a U.S.-based Facebook account accessed the page belonging to teen actress Selena Gomez, who is the girlfriend of pop idol Justin Bieber.

"You are clever with a computer, and you hacked into the private part of somebody's Facebook account — that somebody was a singer, a celebrity called Selena Gomez," the sentencing judge told the defendant, The Telegraph reported.

Gareth Crosskey was jailed for 12 months Wednesday after pleading guilty to crimes under Britain's Computer Misuse Act. His victim wasn't identified at the time, but The Sun newspaper named her as Gomez.

The tabloid said Crosskey posted the words "Justin Bieber sucks" to her Facebook page, prompting a torrent of abuse from the Canadian singer's fans. It also said Crosskey claimed to have intercepted messages between the pair.

The Telegraph reported that Judge John Price explained that the defendant had posed as Gomez's stepfather and manager in order to get her Facebook password.

Britain's Judicial Official on Tuesday confirmed that The Sun's story was accurate.

Gomez's U.S.-based representatives did not immediately return emails.

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