“Survivor” Host Ministers Jenna Fischer's Wedding

Let’s hope this alliance gets eternal immunity.

When “Office” star Jenna Fishcer wed writer Lee Kirk earlier this month, “Survivor” host Jeff Probst presided over the Malibu ceremony, People mag reported.

Probst, described as Fischer’s longtime friend, reportedly took a break from handing out immunity idols in Nicaragua while filming “Survivor’s” 21st season to officiate the hush-hush July 3 affair.

Probst has been an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church since the 1990s, and has performed wedding ceremonies for several other pals, People reported.

According to the Universal Life Church website, the organization “will legally ordain anyone who asks and we will never charge a fee for doing so.”

Fischer and Kirk began dating in January 2008 and became engaged during a European vacation last summer, according to Us.

This is Kirk’s first marriage and Fisher’s second. Fischer and director James Gunn divorced in July 2007.

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