New Apple Store App Offers In-Store Pickup, Self Check-Out

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Apple is set to launch an updated version of its Apple Store app Thursday, bringing with it two sizable new features: fast in-store pickup and self check-out.

For in-store pickup, the new app will let you buy something on your phone and have it ready for pick-up at a store in 12 minutes flat. That's pretty fast! Of course, once you're at the store it should take less than 12 minutes to find what you're looking for, but you won't have bought it on your phone!

Unless, of course, you bought it on your phone. The other new feature is in-store checkout. Apparently, you'll be able to scan an item with your phone, pay for it with the credit card they have on file, and walk out with it. I'm not sure how they'll prevent people from just walking out with $1,500 laptops claiming that they bought them with the app, but you've gotta assume they've got a plan in place for that.


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