New: Historic Hotels Launches American Dreams

A fresh super site helps history lovers plan a summertime road trip.

BEAUTY OF THE ROAD TRIP: There's joy to be found while tooling down a long stretch of asphalt ribbon, but it's a joy that begins long before you even get in the car, pack the suitcase, or ask your neighbor to swing by and water the ferns (fingers crossed they don't forget this time). The beauty of a road trip begins weeks or even months in advance, the moment when you start to ponder how much time you can take, what you want to do, and how far you can go. Anticipation is half the journey, it is often said, and the people who are often saying it are 100% correct: You get the first jolts of fun time energy when you start to look at maps, routes, attractions, and hotels. Historic Hotels of America, the organization that oversees some of our country's oldest and grandest lodges and stayover properties, wants to help with that last bit, and all of the other bits, too. The group just announced an "American Dreams" super site, much like the "Romance" super site that launched back around Valentine's Day. What's American Dreams all about? The perfect, quintessential, get-out-and-see-the-U.S. road trip, with some history and past-knowledge and luxe-nice overnighting to be enjoyed along the way. 

THE CATEGORIES... include Family Vacations, Road Trips, National Parks & Sites, Heritage & Culture, Culinary Destinations, and Urban Adventures. Hotels that are part of the organization are in the mix -- The Wort of Jackson Hole is suggested as a good base for a Grand Tetons adventure -- and there are some additional adventuresome add-ons as well (like a list of Road Trip Songs). For Family Vacations a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and The Hotel Hershey, is on the roster. The ghosty tales of the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa are given a shout-out (or whisper-out, given the spirited topic), too.

DO YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING? Nope. Three quarters of the fun of hitting the highway is daydreaming about it months in advance. But road-trippers who adore decades- or centuries-old hotels would do well to start their daydreaming at the new American Dreams super site. How would you put together, jigsaw puzzle-like, your historic hotel must-visit and the attractions or parks you've got to see? Time, the open road, and your ability to plan a road trip playlist are the limits.

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