New Horsetail Fall Tour in Yosemite Valley

The limited-time experience opens on Feb. 12, 2018.

MAGIC-SEEKING ADVENTURERS? They're pretty plentiful in this world, and thank goodness, for finding those moments that transport us, that show us something spectacular we've never seen before, can lend our lives a lot of oomph. And oomphing up our day-to-days? It's something we all should seek to do, on the regular. But when a lot of us, as in many/oodles of us, are all seeking that same spectacular moment, it can get a mite busy, to say the least. So locating a guide into that moment, one that can help you focus among all of the other magic-seeking adventurers, can be key. And such a guide will be available during the brand-new Horsetail Fall tour at Yosemite National Park. If you've already guessed, by the very clear name of the event, that the tour has to do with Horsetail Fall, the El Capitan-based waterfall that is gloriously lit by the sunset over several nights in February, you'd be correct. If you're also hoping that the presence of a guide will tell you more about what you'll be seeing, as well as the "...natural and cultural history" of Yosemite, local yarns, and more, you'd be right again. The meet-up spot is...

YOSEMITE VALLEY LODGE, the dates are Monday, Feb. 12 through Monday, Feb. 26, the time is 4:30 p.m., and the price is $29 for adults, $28 for seniors, $20 for kids. The tour is two hours, and, yes, you'll gain access to "... a designated viewing point for Horsetail Fall," which is nice, especially since parking can be a bit of a challenge during the popular event (and, yep, you'll need a pass to park). If you've longed to see this waterfall go "fiery" in late February, well, you are most definitely not alone — there are many, many magic-seeking adventurers who wish to do the same. But perhaps consider taking a different route to the magic, with a guide at the lead, on the just-introduced Horsetail Fall tour. Start by ringing the Yosemite Hospitality reservations office at 888-304-8993 or trying for a walk-up ticket at the Yosemite Valley Lodge Tour Desk (do know, though, that this tour, like Horsetail Fall itself, is sure to draw plenty of people, especially given its two-week window). Now go forth and find the magic, Yosemite-loving seekers of sun-glorious splendor.

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